The direct targeted beneficiaries of this Forum include:

  • Investors, business owners and stakeholders, agricultural crop estates and medium-to-large farms and value adding and marketing entities intending to invest in Dodoma designated industry and business areas;
  • Ministry of Trade, Industries and Investment;
  • Primary stakeholders across value chains, including individual entrepreneurs, importers and exporters of input and output factors, and agriculture crops, livestock keepers and fisher folks,  industry organisations/marketing boards or organizations and exporters;
  • Government Ministries, agencies, LGAs, EPZA, and Parastatals (e.g. those responsible for agriculture, industries, trade, finance, and international cooperation);
  • Other private sector entities;
  • Academia/researchers in the Central Zone and in Tanzania as a whole;
  • Umbrella organizations such as the National Business Council, TCCIA,
  • PSSSF, pension funds investing in agriculture and industries,  and other support institutions;
  • Institutions overseeing the management of quality and safety management issues, such as TBS, TFDA;
  •  Organizations providing productive capacities, information and data, Monitoring and Evaluation and other business support services, such as Textiles Development Unit,  BRELA, TRA, FCC, NEEC, TANTRADE, Industry Support Organizations (ISOs), agricultural and industrial extension services providers, etc.;
  •  Selected Civil Society and NGOs; and Development partners, such as FAO, UNDP, World Bank, UNCTAD, ITC, EU, UNIDO, TMEA, etc.

  1. Grape Industry;
  2. Sunflower Industry;
  3. Building Commercial Irrigation Infrastructure;
  4. Solid Wastes Management;
  5. Building Market Structures;
  6. Building Warehouse for Agricultural Produce;
  7. Fish Farming and Fish fry Hatcheries;
  8. Mangoes Industry in Chamwino District Council;
  9. Building Bus Stand and Related Facilities;
  10. Animal Feeds Processing Industry;
  11. Groundnuts Processing Industry;
  12. Cereal Processing Industries;
  13. Paddy Processing Industries (sorting, grading, packaging and branding);
  14. Establishment of Lorry Parking and Related Facilities;
  15. Livestock Feedlot;
  16. Investment in Modern Beehives;
  17. Building Hotels/Motels;
  18. Specialized Vocational Training on Skills Development.