District Level

District Level Priority Investment Opportunities

  1. Grape Industry;
  2. Sunflower Industry;
  3. Building Commercial Irrigation Infrastructure;
  4. Solid Wastes Management;
  5. Building Market Structures;
  6. Building Warehouse for Agricultural Produce;
  7. Fish Farming and Fish fry Hatcheries;
  8. Mangoes Industry in Chamwino District Council;
  9. Building Bus Stand and Related Facilities;
  10. Animal Feeds Processing Industry;
  11. Groundnuts Processing Industry;
  12. Cereal Processing Industries;
  13. Paddy Processing Industries (sorting, grading, packaging and branding);
  14. Establishment of Lorry Parking and Related Facilities;
  15. Livestock Feedlot;
  16. Investment in Modern Beehives;
  17. Building Hotels/Motels;
  18. Specialized Vocational Training on Skills Development.